Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions of cooperation with international marriage agency ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking (hereinafter the Agency).

1.1. These terms and conditions of cooperation with the Agency apply to every man/woman who is registered on the web-site of the Icebreaker executive matchmaking and/or is interested in our services. These rules are published to your protection from any illegal or fraudulent activity while using this Web site.

1.2. These terms and conditions are voluntary agreement. Filling out and submitting the form on the website, as well as using any of the services available on the site, you get the status of the “Client of Agency” or “Client of the site” (free registration service, available only for women). In accordance with the foregoing, continuing to be the Client of the Agency and using its services you agree and warrant compliance with terms and conditions of this agreement. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE with the terms of this agreement, DO NOT USE the AGENCY'S SERVICES and the services of the site.

1.3. This agreement may be changed by the administration of the Agency, in its sole discretion at any time, and any changes will be posted on the site. Continuing use of the site services after the publication of the amendments to this agreement will constitute your acceptance of all changes.

2. General terms, definitions and the list of services of the Agency:

2.1. The international marriage agency ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking-hereinafter referred as the Agency focuses exclusively on consulting activity in the sphere of interpersonal relations and is NOT engaged in activities prohibited by international law.

2.2. The “Client of the site” is free status of the user registered on the Agency's website and providing personal information. The client registered on the site must provide reliable information about them self, be prepared for personal interviews through (Skype), to fill honestly the psychological compatibility test and all questions in the questionnaire.

2.3. The “Client of Agency” is status of the user of the site, registered on the Agency's website, providing personal information, providing detailed information for partner search and paying agency services under the contract.

2.4. The Client- is definition that generalizes the definition of the “Client of Agency” and “Client of the site”.

2.5. Questionnaire, test of psychological compatibility- is the form that contains personal data of the Client, as well as other information necessary for the registration at the Agency.

2.6. The Agency does not bear any responsibility and does not participate in any way in the Client's decision to visit another country or city, does not participate in the organization of travel of the Clients for the purpose of organizing personal meetings. The Agency may give travel advices, but in no way is responsible for moving of people from one place to another.

2.7. The Agency denounces and declaims against international human trafficking, sexual or domestic violence.

2.8. In no way, shape, or form the Agency does not cooperate with the human trafficking or international human trafficking and does not assist to sexual crimes, as well as violence in the family and / or against women.

3. Rules of registration on the website:

3.1 Registration on the website of the International marriage agency ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking is allowed upon reaching the age of 18. In case of finding out that you are under minimum age, your registration will be cancelled.

3.2. Registering on the Agency's website and using its services you guarantee that you are legally single (means unmarried, widowed, divorced) and do not have any relationships.

3.3. Being registered on Agency’s site and using its services, you confirm and guarantee, that you:

3.3.1. Never have been convicted of an offence or subject to any court order relating to but not limited to theft, assault, violence, sexual misconduct, or harassment.

3.3.2. You guarantee that you are mentally healthy, don’t have any mental deviations and diseases.

3.3.3. You confirm that you are not registered in any psychological and dependency clinic.

3.3.4. Have never committed any violent or sexual offence in any country.

3.3.5. Previously you were not forbidden to use this website or any other similar website.

3.3.6. Guarantee to keep all provided information confidential and to refrain from sharing with or passing to any other third party, not use Agency’s services for any commercial purpose.

3.3.7. You guarantee that you are engaging the Agency’s services to search for a candidate for a long-term relationship, and not for any monetary gain or immoral or illegal purpose.

3.4. The administration of the Agency has the right at any time to verify the information on the presence of criminal liability using the existing state archives and other sources of information in order to confirm the accuracy of the information provided. AGREEING WITH THE RULES AND CONDITIONS OF THE AGENCY, YOU GIVE A RESOLUTION TO CONDUCT ANY KIND OF INSPECTION.

4. Responsibility of the “Clients of Agency”:

4.1. The Client understands that the nature of the Services performed by the Agency are such that there are innumerable reasons for the Client to be dissatisfied with the consultation provided by the Company.  The administrations of ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking is not responsible for your success with the opposite sex, mutual sympathy and not guarantees harmonious relations. Nevertheless, the Agency is interested in your success and has the right to give to its Clients professional recommendations for achievement of desirable result.

4.2. You are responsible for the development of your relations with the Agency's Clients.  ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking does NOT act as an intermediary in case of any disagreement between the registered “Client of Agency” and “Client of the site”, and does not assume any obligation in resolving conflicts and disagreements between the parties.

4.3. You are fully responsible for any communication and cooperation with “Client of Agency” and “Client of the site”. You agree to take all necessary precautions when you will decide to meet people from the site.

5. Obligations of the Client:

5.1. To provide reliable and truthful information about itself.

5.2. To provide the qualitative and actual photos (personal photos not older than three years) for private use in the Agency's database. Photos and questionnaires of the clients are not published on the site.

5.3. To respond the inquiries received from Agency within three days.

5.4. It is forbidden to falsify or misrepresent personal data in questionnaires and / or to use photographs of the others.

5.6. It is forbidden to provide the data which are obviously misleading administration of the Agency.

5.7. It is forbidden to publish information which is under copyright protection.

6. Reporting any violations.

6.1. You agree to inform immediately the administration of Agency about any discovered violations.

7. The rights of the Agency:

7.1. Administration of the Agency reserves the right to control the information and materials that you provide. The Administration of the Agency has the right to remove any information and materials that, in its opinion, violate, or may violate any law or contradict the rules of this agreement, as well as in case of revealing negative information regarding the “Client of Agency” and “Client of the site”.

7.2. The administration of the Agency has the right to delete profiles from base of “Client of Agency“ and “Client of the site“, in case of lack of feedback for a long time.

7.3. To use for advertising purposes information about the Client in case of successful match and marriage, without publishing his personal information (after obtaining the client's agreement).

7.4. If necessary to request a copy of the identity of the Client.

8. Responsibilities of ICEBREAKER Executive Matchmaking Agency.

8.1. The Agency does NOT public data, all information is stored exclusively in the Agency's closed database.

8.2. Upon request, the Agency provides to the Client complete information about the cost and detailed procedure of matchmaking services.

8.3. The Agency responds operatively to references of the Clients and on their basis takes appropriating measures.

9. Confidentiality of information.

9.1. The Agency guarantee to provide confidentiality of all information obtained from the Client and guarantees that all information will be used only for the purpose of matchmaking service.

9.2. Contact information is given to the Clients of the Agency only at mutual interest of the parties (“The Match”). The contact information will be approved with the “Client of the site” and the “Client of the Agency”.

10. Cancellation of agreement and cooperation with Agency.

10.1. The agency can stop any cooperation with the Client at any time for any reason which conforms to the given Conditions.

10.2. If the Agency stops cooperation for the reason that the Client has broken the present Conditions of cooperation, the Client will not have the right to return the payment.

10.3. The agency reserves the right to cancel the registration of the Client and any kind of cooperation if:

- the Client breaks the given conditions;

- the Client represents other person;

- the Client provides a false information about itself or others;

- the Agency considers behaviour of the Client unacceptable.

10.4. Upon request the Agency will delete Client’s data from its database.

10.5. The Agency deletes Client’s profile upon written request. The client must notify about his wish to stop cooperation with Icebreaker via e-mail, phone or Skype.

11. Security.

11.1. Icebreaker takes all reasonable measures to check up all applicants, who want to become the Client of the Agency and want to register on the Icebreaker website (both men and women).

11.2. The Client agrees to compensate completely losses of Icebreaker executive agency: costs and expenses (including full legal costs), incurred in connection with the information provided by the Client about himself or the purpose of using the service.

11.3. The Client agrees to compensate completely losses all costs and expenses (including full legal costs) for all financial or physical damage caused to another Client due to its inappropriate activities.

12. 1 Limitation of liability.

12.1. Icebreaker is not liable under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damages that result the use of services or use of the Icebreaker website.

12.2. Icebreaker is not responsible for behaviour, statements or promises of the Clients who use services of Icebreaker executive matchmaking.

12.3. After providing contact information of the Client, Icebreaker executive matchmaking is not responsible for the development of any relationship.

13. Copyrights.

13.1. The administration of the Agency reserves all rights of use of images and any information from the site for the production of promotional materials and website promotion.

13.2. The website content is the property of Icebreaker executive matchmaking and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws.

13.3. Any illegal or not authorized use of the information and copying of any materials from a site is forbidden.

13.4. All information published on the website or received through it on behalf of its Clients is displayed exclusively in the Icebreaker database for further use by the company's employees and may not be used for any other purposes.

14. Property rights of ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking agency.

14.1. The Agency has exclusive rights to the brand “ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking”, all technologies, computer programs and other information that belongs to ICEBREAKER executive matchmaking.

15. Dispute resolution.

15.1. All disputes between parties, if possible, must be resolved through negotiations.

15.2. In case of any conflict situation or complaint about Client’s behavior, Icebreaker undertakes the right to transfer the Client's personal data to police.

15.3. In case that the Parties were unable to resolve the dispute through negotiations, the dispute shall be referred to a court of general jurisdiction in accordance with Mexican law.

15.4. Icebreaker is not the participant of any dispute between the Clients. The client agrees:

15.5.1. Do not involve or attempt to involve Icebreaker executive matchmaking in any dispute or in resolving disputes between the Clients.

15.5.2. Do not use the Agency's services or website to participate in or attempt to resolve the dispute.

15.6. This agreement enters into the force from the moment of your registration on the web-site